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  • Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten

    Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten

    Sharing fascinating facts about nature and sustainability; based on scientific research, easy to understand. More on my work: http://www.sustainabledecisions.eu

  • Vlad Mykol

    Vlad Mykol

    Experienced Software Engineer | Team Lead | Technical Writer. https://vladmykol.com/

  • Stefan Korshak

    Stefan Korshak

    Senior Defense Correspondent at Kyiv Post

  • Liz H

    Liz H

    Writer | Copywriter | Drinker of far too much coffee | Writes about life tips, mindset and everything in between. www.copybyholt.com.au

  • keypressingmonkey


    Programmer by day, creative writer by night. Hop on my Substack: https://codingtofreedom.Substack.com

  • Dominic Carrillo

    Dominic Carrillo

    Dominic graduated from UCLA. He is a history teacher and author of several books. More at: https://www.dominicvcarrillo.com/

  • Sergey Faldin 🇺🇦

    Sergey Faldin 🇺🇦

    Honest thoughts. Unpopular opinions. Not necessarily true or smart. | The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Top Medium publications | Reach out: faldin.sergey@gmail.com

  • Nataliia Buchkovych

    Nataliia Buchkovych

    Ukrainian human rights activist NGO “Syndykat”. I live in Kyiv and take part in the socio-political life of Ukraine since 2011, including the Revolution 2013–14

  • Katya Korovkina 🇺🇦

    Katya Korovkina 🇺🇦

    🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine • Design Manager and UX Consultant at Eleks UK 🇬🇧 • Certified by AIPMM • Helping startups build products that make impact

  • Jason Morton

    Jason Morton

    Former Police, retired Corrections, highly knowledgeable in all things weird and bizarre, and ready to share that with the world as I finish life’s journey.

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